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Offering top food service solutions without compromise, at Dr. Oetker Professional we’ve made it our mission to provide quality products for every sector and every occasion. Our expertise gives us a unique understanding of what matters most in your business to help you meet the needs of your customers and achieve real back-of-house profitability. Our team of pizza experts are here to help with everything from providing relevant insights and menu inspiration to consultation services and improving back-of-house operations. 

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• Pizza is the second most popular casual dining dish and is far exceeding the growth of pasta and beef burgers, the other top 3 casual dining contenders.

• Pizza has real popularity among the under-35s, with 18-34 year olds accounting for 47% of pizza occasions in pubs.

• Providing a perfect opportunity for customisation and increasing spend, SPH for pizza in casual dining occasions is on average 20% higher than total pizza occasions OOH.

• The meat-free market is set to reach £658 million in sales by 2021 and pizza is a great option to ensure you are appealing to the growing number of consumers following vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets.


Pizza occasions have doubled over the past 2 years to 19m. With only 1/3 of pubs serving pizza on their menus, there is a huge opportunity for growth.


Consumers look for a more indulgent treat than healthier options when visiting leisure venues.


68% of pupils aged 7-15 would like to eat food that they have seen on the high street. As a popular high street takeaway choice, pizza’s popularity guarantees minimal wastage in schools. (Mintel - 2017).


Young adults are looking for value for money with an average £6.90 spent on lunch. Pizza is an ideal option for cost effective meal deal solutions – served as a bundle with a drink and side. (TUCO Research).


Fast service & convenient offers top the needs of consumers in the workplace. Pizza’s quick cook times, long hold time and ability to be cooked from frozen make it an ideal quick, hassle free option. (MCA Contract Catering Report 2017).


A great fit for a take-to-room option, pizza is operationally easier to prep and serve than many other foods.

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