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How can I drive incremental Food to Go sales?

Our lifelong worship to the crust goes back over 25 years, with extensive knowledge of retail and out of home channels. We recognise the growing opportunity in the food to go market for improved quality, consistency and convenience of a great pizza solution to drive sales.

FTG Market Growth

The total Food to Go market is forecast to grow +28.1% (13.9bn) in 2021, with a further increase of +20.5% by 2022

  • Food to Go remains a cheaper alternative to dining out, and a necessity for many whilst out of home.

  • Appeals to consumer preference for limiting touchpoints and minimising time within operators due to it’s quick grab and go nature.

  • Consumers are expected to re-gain confidence in 21.  Lunch fatigue is expected to set in,  consumers will become bored of in home options and begin to look for exciting to-go options.


Source: UK Food to Go market 2020-2022 IGD Retail Analysis September 2020 | Food to Go after Lockdown: down-turn and recovery: Lumina Intelligence September 2020

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Pizza Power

In 2020, pizza was growing ahead of the total out of home market. It increased +16.8% in value, driven by more trips and higher spend.

  • Pizza has grown spend share, and remains the second most popular dish within Food to Go dinner items.
  • Within the out of home market trips for pizza have increases +2.7% which equated to 8.1 trips.
  • Pizza has also driven higher spend of +12.6% which is an average of £8.55.
  • Pizza remains universally popular working across multiple day parts and offering ultra convenience.


Source: KWP Out of Home Purchase | Total OOH Market and Pizza Market | Spend | 52 w/e 27 Dec 20 vs. previous year | MCA HIM | FOOD TO GO MARKET REPORT © 2020

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Takeaway’s Booming

November 2020 reached a record high for takeaways than ever before, with 53M occasions reached and more forecasted for 2021.

  • Better logistics and more opening possibilities have given consumers more options to buy into the takeaway market.
  • Pizza takeaway within out of home has reached exponential value, increasing +73.4% £2bn in the last year and 75% of consumers expect to continue buying takeaway as much as they are now or more when restrictions are lifted.
  • More then 50% of consumers in England ordered food for delivery in the first week of the country’s second lockdown*
  • 27% ordered delivery for the first time or more often than usual during lockdown, with 61% planning to continue their delivery frequency from restaurants*


Source: Kantar Usage panel, 4w/e millions occasions, Delivered Takeaway from OOH panel | Kantar | Out of Home Pizza | Restaurant and Delivery | 52 w/e27 Dec  2020   *CGA – BrandTrack

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Case Studies

Find out how Pizza to Go is delivering 'a Slice of the Action' for these real businesses

Convenience store success

Serving more flavours and formats over multiple day parts is driving more profit.

Increasing Grab & Go sales

Chicago Town is offering mealtime solutions, covering all day parts and guests needs.


Marketing, equipment and disposables

Working with some of the UK's leading manufacturers we offer a range of branded serving solutions, branded hot hold equipment, and marketing support to help you maximise your growth in the food to go category.

Unique disposables

We have developed new self-serve packaging including Quarter Pizza Slice, Self Serve Pizza Box and Takeaway Box. Combined with our unique fresh dough pizzas we have successfully achieved up to three hours hold in leading hot hold equipment. 

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Equipment advice

Working with the UK's leading food to go equipment manufacturers, we have created solutions that allow our pizzas to hold for up to 3 hours. 

In addition to this we have launched a new countertop Hot Hold Merchandiser allowing pizzas to be held for up to 3 hours. 

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Marketing activation

With over 25 years in pizza, Dr. Oetker Professional and Chicago Town are the pizza experts. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you drive hot food sales.

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Pizza to Go Product Range

Our pizzas cook from the base up thanks to our unique fresh rising dough, to give you that real taste of Chicago. We go to town on toppings, these larger 12” stuffed crust pizzas have the crunchiest of crusts, squidgy signature tomato sauce and cheese, cheese and more cheese!

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Dr Oetker are here to help - check out these downloadable materials, or contact us here


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